Little-Heart Croton

Little-Heart Crotons are one of the God’s beautiful creations. These plants are usually not that famous as other plant varieties in the CROTON category. But still just imagine if this plant variety was famous enough!! It would have really won many HEARTS!!!

Usually these plants are opted for Landscape based Gardening and are treated as Show-Flowers. Some people use it as Flower vase decoration, by cutting its stem and just immersing its base into the water.

These plants survive only with water too!! i.e., this plant variety does not require SOIL. 

Please note:- don’t keep it in water for a very very long time & it also survives well on soil than in water :D.

It does not require fertilization and should not be exposed too much under the sun (which means this is really a COOOOOOOl plant!!! 😉 ).




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