Nature’s Beauty💟🌱

When we can term every object and thing on this Earth as ugly and beautiful, can you ever term nature so?  Nature is one of the God’s creation, which can never ever be termed as ugly, because it inherits it’s beauty in its own way I. E.,  be it any season of the year,  spring or rainy, summer or winter, the dead leaves on a tree appear as beautiful as the fresh green leaves, a barren or deserted land also looks as beautiful as lush green land.  So nature has its own way to showcase it’s beauty, and hence we are no one to judge this part of God‘s creation ever. 

If you can take a glance at the image above, the leaf in common is not appeasing.. But the Rays of Sun adds up an element of beauty to it. So whatever it is, we can never deny the beauty encrypted within the image, and that’s Nature

Pic Credit : B Sachin Rao

Content writer: Akash Achar


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