When My Roses were Sad🙁

As I was walking past the Rose Hedge in my Garden, I heard some weeping sound , but oww… it was a bunch of Rose which was weeping there, hiding behind the branches of the Guava Tree.. 😢

I went near it and asked as to why it was So sad!!  It replied with its head bent downwards😞Master I couldn‘t meet up to your expectations, The Rain ruined my  Beauty😩” I was taken Aback hearing this.. 😳

I asked her, did I tell so..  She replied “No“.  

Then I knew it was time to console her soon as she had very little time left in her life to enjoy.  So I told her ” Hey look, you look beautiful even though you are drenched in Rain“.  She din’t get satisfied with my reasoning😨,  so finally she asked me to take a candid of her 😱 and show it..  And I took.. 

She was indeed surprised…  She asked me “Master do I really look this beautiful 😍??”  so I replied a Yes..  And took another pic of her..  

Yes she was indeed very beautiful, don’t you feel so??? 🤔🤔 . I just couldn’t take off  my eyes from admiring her beauty.. 


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    1. Akash Achar says:

      Thank you Ray.. Find pleasure in reading all my other articles too..

      The Garden Photoshoot


  1. Medhu says:

    Nice Anna 😍😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Akash Achar says:

      Thank u Medhu.. Hope you enjoyed reading my Articles


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